Principal's Message

BEGIN 10/5 for K-3
BEGIN 10/26 for 4 & 5



Hbrid - This means that your child will come to school two full days per week (Kindergarten will also move to two full days per week). The majority of our SES teachers are teaching Hybrid - in person. There may still be some teacher/class placement changes depending on the final results from families as this information changes how many in-person classes we will have at each grade level. Students will attend on either M/T or Th/F from 9:00 - 3:30. Class sizes will be 10 - 12 students, they will have specialist and recess at school and will be able to eat breakfasts/lunches at school as well. If you have a preference for days, you can put this in your survey. On students' off days from school, they will be working independently in their Google Classroom/Seesaw and with work that will be sent home by the teacher that week. Hybrid for K-3 begins October 5. If all goes as planned, grades 4 & 5 will begin Hybrid on October 26.


Continuous Learning - This means that your child will be continuing to do all learning at home and online. The teacher assignment will most certainly change as these classes will be district-wide online classes for each grade level. These students will join other students from around the district (at their grade level) that wish to stay online. You will be able to continue ordering meals for pick-up. These classes will begin on October 5 for grades 1 - 3 and, if all goes as planned, on October 26 for grades 4 & 5.


If you have not yet submitted your choice, or If you have changed your mind about your choice, please do so by completing the form below. Thank you for your help with this. If you have any questions, please call me or send me an email.

SES survey - hybrid or continuous learning 2.0


Meal Service

Title 1 Reading

In addition to our Title 1 Reading information page, Megan Ovenell - our Title 1 Reading teacher, has published a website with additional reading activities for all kids, whether they are in the Title 1 Reading Program or not.  Check it out!

Title 1 Reading Activities - Additional reading activities for all kids!
SES Title 1 and LAP Website - SES website about the Title 1 Program

reading group

Dress Code

kids in spring clothingWith warm weather upon us, we wish to remind parents and students that school is a place for learning and appropriate clothing is expected.  The SES dress code is strictly adhered to.

  • Necklines must be no lower than 4 fingers below the clavicle notch.
  • Tops must have a minimum of a 3 finger-wide strap and show no under garment.
  • Skirts and shorts must be no shorter than the finger tips of the 2 arms stretched straight down.
  • "Tummies" and underwear must not show when arms are stretched straight up.
  • Jeans, shorts, skirts, etc. must not be too low as to expose the student's back end (or bottom) when sitting, bending over, or otherwise engaged in any activities.
  • Sandals must be sturdy and have a strap that goes around the back of the heel.

ABSOLUTELY NO: flip-flops are allowed at school or hats worn in the building.
If a student's clothing is deemed inappropriate, parents may be called to bring a change of clothes to school, or the student may be asked to change into clothes from the Nurse's office for the duration of the school day.

Teacher Qualifications

Parents have the right to request their students' teachers' professional qualifications. For this specific information, please contact Mrs. Maurene Stanton, email: or call 360-629-1200.

Dangerous Weapons policy

no weapons sign

Our schools are "Weapons-Free Zones".  Please see School Board document 4210 for SCSD policy on dangerous weapons on school grounds: 4210 WEAPONS POLICY

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