Admission of Non-Resident Students

A parent or guardian may request a variance to allow his or her child to attend the District as a non- resident. Requests for variances must be submitted annually, in writing, to the District Curriculum Office.

Secondary students who request transfers are subject to the Washington Interscholastic Activities Association’s eligibility rules.


  1. Requests to attend a school in the District shall be submitted to the student’s resident district through the State’s Choice Transfer system no later than the first school day of March each year.

  2. Parents will be notified in writing (electronically or by mail) following the District’s decision.

  3. Variances must be re-applied for annually.

    Appeal Process:

    1. A student or parent/guardian or adult student may appeal the District’s decision. The request for appeal must be received within seven calendar days of the postmark on the communication of the Assistant Superintendent’s decision.

    2. The request for appeal shall be in the form of a letter to the Assistant Superintendent and must identify any relevant facts the student or parent/guardian believes the District overlooked in making its decision and any other reasons that the student or parent/guardian believes that the decision should be reviewed.

    3. The District will conduct a review of its decision based on additional information provided.

    4. The parent/guardian will be notified in writing via certified and electronic mail of the decision.

    5. The final decision of the District to deny the admission of a nonresident student may be appealed to

      the Superintendent of Public Instruction or his or her designee.


    The District assumes no obligation for the transportation of non-resident students admitted under this policy .

    A variance may be denied or revoked based upon the criteria stated in Policy 3141.